"Zero Cost MBA" Pioneer Ankit Khandelwal Is a Fan ... of ChinaX

@Ankit Khandelwal joined MoocLab’s Interview series: “Life-changing experiences of learning with MOOCs” to share his perspectives on taking MOOCs and how they helped him in his quest to become a global manager.

Of note to HarvardX fans... "In the interview, I have mentioned some reasons on why China X was one of the best MOOCs, I have taken in last 3 years."

Here's more...

MOOCs Meet Libraries

Books? Yes, we love them---even in online learning land.

MOOCs and Libraries by Kyle Courtney will be released this week.

Kyle Courtney is copyright advisor and program manager within Harvard Library’s Office for Scholarly Communication and serves as the HarvardX copyright guru (along with Brad  Edmondson, HarvardX's in-house copyright assistant.)

What's NEXT for Research

Congrats to edX consortium member Davidson College on launching Davidson Next: an initiative that aims to supplement Advanced Placement (AP) instruction with online modules designed for in-class, blended instruction. 

And ... Harvard/HarvardX will be involved through a collaborative research effort to test the impact of the online learning modules. John Hansen, a Doctoral Student at Harvard Graduate School of Education working with Andrew Ho, HarvardX research chair, will serve as the lead investigator.