HarvardX Hero

Congrats to Kyle Courtney, OSC Program Manager/Copyright Advisor
for Harvard Library and who helps in all things copyright for HarvardX, for being named a 2015 Harvard Hero.

This Is CS50 (in Miami) and Just about Everywhere Else

CS50 and CS50x (the HarvardX/edX version) continues to inspire would-be coders everywhere.

The lead professor, David Malan, was just interviewed on LinkedIn. Of note...

How does the future of University learning seem to you? What will happen if education keeps democratizing itself and MOOCs like Coursera, Udemy, EDx, Ted-Ed and of course YouTube keep gaining traction?

Extra Credits

In addition to all of the amazing things our HarvardX staff do at the office, they somehow find time to do extracurriculars as well.

The link below is to an article that describes a project our own Kevin Belli, videographer, has a part in.

Kevin shot all the Afghanistan footage as well as some of the still photography. There is a reception tonight at WBGH from 6-8 to which the public is invited. See “Line-up of events” in the article.