HarvardX: The Tour

As we have mentioned on this blog before, we at HarvardX host a number of groups, delegations, and individuals from around the world interested in the state of online and innovative teaching and learning.

CS50 at Yale?

When we think of Harvard-Yale, "The Game" comes to mind --- as in the classic football match. 

With the potential of Harvard's famed CS50 course being streamed at Yale, we may have to update the meaning of rivalry.

Business Insider reported...

Yale may want to get its hands on the most popular undergraduate course at Harvard — Computer Science 50: Introduction to Computer Science I, better known as CS50.

X Squared By Way of MIT

Our friends at MITx have their own series of workshops and talked, called, appropriately enough, X-talks. If you don't mind a short M2 or subway ride, you can go check them out...