HX Impact: Brain Breakthroughs

Email from a parent of a student taking MCB80x, "Fundamentals of Neuroscience"

Thanks again for the roaches and for helping make that Harvard neuroscience course possible! I can hardly believe it, but today I think I've made a major breakthrough in getting my son to communicate better via this course! He is basically non-verbal and very shy about communicating accurately. Yesterday and today I and his teacher actually got him to answer four of the interactives questions not only accurately so we could clearly understand his answers, but correctly as well! You have no idea how long and hard we've been working on this and how difficult it has been. I now think we'll be able to get him to be more consistent in answering across the course and actually able to take the final exam with little trouble (as long as it is multiple choice and we can use his "yes"/"no" abilities!) I've always known he was very smart and understood difficult subjects. But so far he has mostly only been able to do intake of knowledge, not regurgitate what he has learned. So this is an amazing development for him!  

Let's hope all your young neuroscientists in training will be able to help us cure him in time as well!