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“I have taken numerous courses on Global Health and this one is different in its approach, more in depth and well worth taking. This is a classic Harvard MOOC with some of the best experts in the world discussing interesting topics in their field.– Paul Hundal, Readings in Global Health learner

What is it like when a healthcare professional realizes that a disease isn’t quite what was expected? Dr. Peter Piot, Director and Professor of Global Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, describes his aha moment — when he understood that AIDS was not only a disease occurring in men in the United States — in a video featured in the HarvardX course Readings in Global Health.

Bringing Improvement Science to High School Students

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“I think using MOOCs to educate students is profound, especially connecting students virtually with people from other states and countries, with people young and old, and with people from different cultural views. When this happens, students are not only learning the content that’s being presented, they are also learning the views of other people.”  

Teal VanLanen, Wellness Coordinator and Community Activator

How can teachers help high school students learn to make positive changes in their health and daily lives? One educator found a way with HarvardX’s online course Practical Improvement Science in Health Care.

'Super-Earths and Life' Explores How We Search for Alien Life

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"We are at the beginning of an exciting time in science, and in particular in astronomy. You will learn what a super-Earth is, and why these large, rocky worlds make such good candidates for the first discovery of extraterrestrial life."

Dimitar Sasselov, Phillips Professor of Astronomy and Director, Origins of Life Initiative, Harvard University