Upcoming Events

  • Aug 06

    Wednesday Workshop: Our Surveys, Our Selves: Understanding the HarvardX Survey Infrastructure (Justin Reich)

    3:00pm to 4:00pm


    125 Mt. Auburn, 4th floor long table

    As we get ready for a new year of courses, it’s a great time to review how we survey students. In this session, we’ll review the pre-course survey, how it is developed and customized for each course, and how you can look at the results. We’ll then look at results from the 2013-2014 year of courses and examine some basic patterns in the survey results. We will also discuss how you can develop your own mid and end of course surveys and correctly embed them in edX. Finally, we will discuss plans for a common end-of-course survey for 2014-2015.


  • Aug 12

    VPAL Faculty Academy

    (All day)


    125 Mt. Auburn
    In Summer 2014, the Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning is sponsoring a pilot program to enable full-time Harvard faculty to get hands-on assistance with some of the techniques and concepts used in HarvardX projects and university blended learning efforts. Called the Faculty Academy, this new pilot will be offered twice this summer: Thursday, July 24th & Tuesday, August 12th.

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  • Sep 27

    THATCamp Harvard 2014

    (All day)


    Graduate School of Education

    THATCamp stands for ‘The Humanities and Technology Camp’. It is an unconference: where humanists and technologists of all skill levels learn and build together in sessions proposed on the spot. An unconference is to a conference what a seminar is to a lecture, what a party at your house is to a church wedding, what a pick-up game of Ultimate Frisbee is to an NBA game, what a jam band is to a symphony orchestra: it’s more informal and more participatory.