HarvardX Social Media Workshop


Wednesday, September 3, 2014, 3:00pm to 4:00pm


HarvardX HQ - 125 Mt. Auburn Street (4th Floor) - Long Table

HarvardX Social Media Workshop

presented by Harvard Public Affairs and Communications / Digital Strategy with presentations by members of HarvardX, edX, and Digital Strategy 

  • Intro: Michael Patrick Rutter (HPAC/HX/VPAL)
    Set stage for goals, presentations, working doc for HarvardX social guidelines
  • Best Practices and Guidelines for Social Media: Mike Petroff, Ben Sharbaugh, Becky Wickel (DS)
    • Cover how HarvardX works with Digital Strategy on HarvardX content promotion through Harvard’s main channels
    • Resources available from Digital Strategy for guidelines, best practices in social
  • Case Studies from Course Leads: Sarah Grafman & Summer Marion (HX)
    • Talk through preparing, running, social media accounts or monitoring discussions
    • Real-world examples of what goes well, what goes wrong 
  • How edX uses social media: Patrick Cavallario & Nancy Moss (edX)
    • Intro and overview of the people behind their social
    • Goals, process, measurement
  • Guidelines Doc: Open Editing period 
    • Moderated discussion by MPR, group takes notes on active Google Doc to develop sections for HarvardX social guidelines