HarvardX Business Development Consultant

This is a full-time, two-year term appointment with full benefits, with the possibility of annual renewal, contingent on funding, university and program priorities, and satisfactory job performance.
The HarvardX Business Development Consultant reports administratively to the Executive Director. The Business Development Consultant works extensively with HarvardX leadership, HarvardX senior staff and campus partners to develop external partnerships and markets (domestic and international) that leverage our premium online learning experiences and associated content, in line with our mission driven strategy. The Business Development Consultant coordinates extensively with HarvardX senior staff to plan for seamless repurposing of HarvardX online learning experiences into additional markets and products.  The Business Development Consultant participates in the development of business units and related organizational structures for supporting and administering the effective reuse of HarvardX learning experiences and content.

To see the full job description, interested applicants should apply directly through Harvard's hiring management system ASPIRE (Req ID 37249BR).

HarvardX Project Lead

The HarvardX Project Lead is a member of the HarvardX Instructional Development Group, reporting to one of that group’s Managers of Instructional Development. The Project Lead oversees the conception, development, delivery and assessment of high quality, high impact online learning experiences for HarvardX. Working closely with assigned faculty and with colleagues in the HarvardX instructional development, production, technology and research groups, the HarvardX Project Lead assesses the range of possible options for a particular learning experience and ensures an effective balance between established practice and opportunities for innovation. The HarvardX Project Lead provides project management for the overall development and delivery of HarvardX online learning experiences, coordinates the project team members (from Harvard, HarvardX, edX and beyond) assigned to address those needs, and supervises any course development personnel hired on a contingent basis for the assigned project(s). The Project Lead is a member of the continuing HarvardX team (distinct from hires made for specific, time-limited projects). 

To see the full job description, interested applicants should apply directly through Harvard's hiring management system ASPIRE (Req ID 37238BR and 37248BR).

HarvardX Senior Project Manager

The HarvardX Senior Project Manager is a member of the HarvardX Program Administration Group and the HarvardX senior staff, reporting to the Executive Director. The Senior Project Manager supports the Executive Director as a liaison with University offices, working groups, committees, and communities of practice in the context of the assigned strategic and operational project portfolio. The Senior Project Manager oversees a portfolio of major HarvardX projects, ensuring the timely and effective completion of projects of varying size and scope across major strategic and operational domains, overseeing the creation and implementation of related project plans, budgets and timelines. In the case of early stage operational projects, the Senior Project Manager works effectively with the HarvardX senior staff to transition the project into ongoing operational practices and workflows. The Senior Project Manager manages internal HarvardX communications related to his/her assigned project portfolio and ensures that there are ongoing, effective feedback mechanisms for the HarvardX senior staff and the HarvardX team more generally. The Senior Project Manager is responsible for the development and maintenance of timely and comprehensive documentation for the assigned project portfolio as well as custom reports for internal and University purposes. The Senior Project Manager participates in formal and ad-hoc organizational and program planning activities as assigned.

To see the full job description, interested applicants should apply directly through Harvard's hiring management system ASPIRE (Req ID 36971BR).