In collaboration with the HarvardX Research Committee, the HarvardX research team supports and delivers scholarly research in a variety of domains that are aligned with the overall mission of HarvardX and the University. 

We focus on research projects that have the potential to:

  1. Inform the design of HarvardX courses / modules
  2. Improve residential education
  3. Answer key questions about how people learn
  4. Inform an understanding of who the learners are and their experiences
  5. Generate findings that are potentially generalizable
  6. Align with the priorities of HarvardX and University leadership

Priorities for 2014-2015

  1. Develop the next generation of assessment instruments and technologies to better measure student learning
  2. From micro-levels (design elements in learning objects) to macro-levels (course structure), experiment with instructional strategies to refine teaching and learning
  3. Enrich our understanding of student experiences and study practices—especially those not captured by the edX platform—through surveys, interviews, and remote observations
  4. Scale-up the science of motivation by using edX as a platform for interventions developed in smaller-scale psychology and behavioral economics labs