Faculty Resources

The Provost has tasked the HarvardX Faculty Committee with encouraging broad faculty participation in HarvardX/edX, establishing guidelines and standards for HarvardX courses and modules, and helping to allocate resources for developing these materials.

The specific responsibilities of the Committee are to...

  • Define quality standards for HarvardX courses and modules, and ensure that offerings meet these standards: a curatorial approach.
  • Solicit and encourage Harvard-wide participation, and ensure that courses selected for HarvardX meet School priorities.  A goal of HarvardX is to portray the breadth and diversity of Harvard programs and disciplines, instructors, and pedagogical approaches.
  • Oversee HarvardX support for faculty who are developing courses or modules, and integrate school resources and other Harvard resources for efficient design and development.
  • Foster adaptation of innovations for campus educational programs.
  • Disseminate information about HarvardX, including teaching and learning best practices that emerge from HarvardX work over time.
  • Ensure the integration of course development with the research guidelines and approaches developed by the HarvardX Research Committee.
  • Oversee the review and subsequent revision of courses based on assessment data.

HarvardX is dedicated to provide support for our faculty to...

  • Reimagine their courses
  • Enhance peer teaching and use automated grading, resulting in more time
  • Enrich on-campus learning through improvements created for online environments
  • Teach on such a large scale and reach a broad, global audience

Through research, faculty will have the opportunity to learn about their own courses and pedagogy in general by exploring such questions as...

  • What motivates students?
  • How do they learn best?
  • How can we assess what they’ve learned?
  • What can we do best online?
  • What can we do best on campus?