4 Ways to Use HarvardX Online Courses in Your Classroom

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Looking for ways to enhance your students' learning and gain valuable professional development opportunities? Here are four ways you can with freely available online content from HarvardX.

1. Learn cutting-edge content from Harvard faculty
Online courses can help you to deepen your content knowledge and learn new teaching strategies. High school mathematics teacher Kris Kelsh found both when she audited CS50x: Introduction to Computer Science to prepare for teaching her honors-level computer science course. “I took CS50x to get content ideas for my new course, but I also appreciated how Professor David Malan teaches by using examples. So I learned some instructional strategies, too.” Kelsh plans to integrate into her class several course videos that explain different Internet protocols and use Malan’s strategy of purposely typing an error into a program to help students better understand debugging.

2. Connect students to new viewpoints
When students interact virtually with other course participants, they “are not only learning the content that’s being presented, they are also learning the views of other people,” according to Teal VanLanen, who enrolled her high school students in Practical Improvement Science in Health Care. As her students learned the skills and tools of improvement science, they collaborated with CEOs, doctors, and directors around the world. These interactions helped students to “feel connected and realize that others around our country are on a similar journey. They no longer felt isolated as high school students living in a rural community. Their voice mattered.”

3. Join a global community of teachers
Enroll and connect with other course participants or enroll with a group of colleagues to experience the best of online and face-to-face learning. Forty-nine educators in the Philippines recently took Leaders of Learning, a course that examines theories of education and leadership. Coming together from various school and universities, the teachers explored the course content online and collaborated during three meet-up sessions. They also had opportunities to interact with Professor Richard Elmore, who engaged with students during their learning presentations and shared a video message at the graduation ceremony.

4. Earn continuing education credits
Finding time for professional development just got easier! HarvardX’s online courses are open 24/7 and many are offered in self-paced format, allowing you to learn on your own schedule. Upon course completion, you’ll be eligible to receive a digital certificate of participation that can be used to apply for professional development credit from your state or school district. To learn more, visit Continuing Education Credits.

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