April 2014

Cricket in Chicago

 As part of HarvardX for Alumni, various Harvard alumni clubs are hosting in-person meet ups.

The Chicago club recently came together to discuss the Neuroscience segment. There short report/photos are below...

"Photos are of the SpikerBox experiment, which was quite successful using a cricket. We had approximately 25 discussion group participants total for this first segment, 15 downtown and 10 in the suburbs. With approximately 50 total registered discussion group members locally, the composition of each group will shift depending on the segment and personal schedules… Read more about Cricket in Chicago

Re-Blogging about CS50x & St. Louis

CS50x Hackathon: Harvard Team visits St. Louis Students
Jim McKelvey, Co-Founder of Launch Code

CS50 Course Team with LaunchCode in St. Louis

I really hate not being able to answer a question when the professor asks. But there I was, sitting on stage at Sanders Theatre at Harvard when Professor David Malan asked me what they could do to improve CS50. I had nothing, so I tried to pass the question off to my colleague Brendan Lind, but he had no suggestions either. … Read more about Re-Blogging about CS50x & St. Louis

Going Viral by the Numbers

At HarvardX we have often mentioned how ChinaX's "Dynasty Song," a musical way to remember the Chinese dynasties, went viral.

The course team's social media guru Junjie Liu breaks down just what going viral means. While the YouTube video lists 90,000 views, the majority of viewership happened via native Chinese sites.

1. Video Sites

Chinese fans have downloaded this video and… Read more about Going Viral by the Numbers