Heroic Praise for HeroesX (Version 2)

Students from CB22x, "The Ancient Greek Hero" (version 2) share their journeys:
I am so happy I embarked on this journey...

Its official I finished!! And I passed! I want to thank everyone involved with this project, thank you so much for making it possible for me to take this wonderful journey! I enjoyed every minute, even those frustrating minutes when I got lost in the material and felt I did not understand it but kept coming back for the next hour. I would love to retake this course because the objective more of passing was of understanding the material and for that I will come back again and again. Thank you Professor Nagy, to all the TA's and students for your wonderful input and for this learning experience.
Why did we like The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 hours?

Why did we enjoy The Ancient Greek Hero in 24H?
The content was high quality - of course, we couldn't expect less from Harvard, with superb translation of the original Greek texts. We could glide along with ease by working through the well organized course materials, videos, source material and professor Nagy's book The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours.
The lecture videos were engaging, full of challenging concepts and captivatingly spoken in academic style by professor Nagy, interspersed with student's and collaborator's interventions, which made them even livelier. The student's readings at the beginning of each text introduced were visually appealing, with the beautiful tapestries by Judith Fawkes in the background, and the student's readings pleasing in their naturalness. We should mention as well that Claudia added her magic touch with her academic announcements here in the course, so well written, clear and elegant. We really appreciated professor Leny Muellner's interventions and scholarly writing. But the tests, oh! the dreaded evaluations at the end of each hour conveyed how much was expected from us - they were demanding and rigorous - just as we had been warned on the preliminary description of Edx courses. Otherwise, the discussion section of Course CB22.1x: The Ancient Greek Hero was a valuable channel for personal expression, where the most active were, nevertheless, the second round participants, because the recent ones were rather weighed down with the demanding course-ware - little time remaining for the leisure activities. Anyway, we are looking forward to the great idea of a future Hour 25.
In other realms, the platform of EDx courses has been functioning smoothly and without annoying bugs or other technical glitches.
Finally, we'd like to express our gratitude by saying how much we have received from this course while giving so little in exchange. We keep in mind that it was a free course. Nevertheless we depart so much richer than when we arrived and remain indebted to professor Gregory Nagy, his assistants and the organizers. Remembering here a favorite expression in the course videos - beautiful!
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty, --that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."
From: John Keats, Ode on a Grecian Urn
Can I still access the course content when the course ends?

Would like to check whether I still can access the course content after it ends, I find the format is very user friendly, and definitely plan to dwell on certain topics again from time to time, even the discussion board has plenty of interesting information, just wonder that can be done.
Repeat the course

Dear Claudia,
I would like to repeat the course but I do not know when it will be available next. Will it be in January?
I found that course extremely interesting and Profesor Nagy absolutely fascinating.
Have a lovely end of the year.
I am proud to announce that I have finished,passed the course and will receive a certificate!

Passed the course and will receive a certificate,I am very happy!
Thank you all

Hi, I am here to say thank you to Prof. Gregory Nagy, Prof. Leonard Muellner, Claudia Filos, Natasha, Camilla, Alexander and all other people involved in this course. I am not a native English Speaker and I was afraid that I would not be able to complete the course. But I was able to do the exercises and more than that: I have found the course very inspiring and motivational. I like mythology and the points of view treated in the course were very rich and unique. My favorite hero was Odysseus who I liked even before the course, but here I learned the greek word noos which concept is very important to my beliefs and to my life history. Thank you all very much!

From the most recent Friday Cafe:

Others should preceed me in entering the Café: Z4, William, Sarah, Rainsua, Priscilla, Marta, Lassofaughrim, Kaoru, Jessica, Jennifer, Janet, Jacqui, Fuchsin, Euthymia, and last but not least, Brian, and many more I hope will join this last "Friday". Many aliases who became persons in 2013. Hopefully also Claudia and Professor Nagy will join by closing time on December 31.
This year was reading from Homeros to Socrates; I loved the tragedies most, Aeschylus and Euripides: Hyppolytos learned me about the human race and deepened the love for the boy who will live after me. Aeschylus gave me understanding of the Furies and we meet them every day. Croesus learned me who is rich. I learned about Athena who supported the birth of civilization: dear lessons for everyone who follows the news and has the right to cast a vote. I enjoyed to learn European history through the words of Americans, I enjoyed Turkish, Japanese, Hungarian, Thai ("living in Bangkok"), Lebanese ("living in Libanon"), Greek, English, Italian, Armenian, Russian, Spanish, Irish, Scottish, German, Chinese and South American participants meeting and mingling. I improved my English writing skills; unpossible and imbelievable became thoughtful and beautiful.
My wish therefore is, can I invite all of you to mention your nationality so that we can make the year-end party truly festive and international?
My wish to you all is: Prettige feestdagen en een gelukkig nieuwjaar!
... I vaguelly remember telling someone in the beginning of this course that the fact that all of us are just aliases on the internet doesn't make us less people, less personalities. At the end of this course I'm more convinced of that than ever.
So I can only second you and all the others.
Even though I have never met anyone of our "class" in reality and probably never will, I'm can proudly say that I'm happy to have come into contact with some of the most interesting, intelligent and wonderful people out there and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to do so.
I only know a shred of your personalities, a hint of your stories, of your lives and what you know, but the few things I did learn during this course are precious.
Thank you, all of you :)
Have a merry Christmas, a happy "whatever your celebrating and if it's just the end of this course" and afterwards a Happy New Year! All the best for you and your families.
Maybe we'll see each other again in another round of Heroes or in Hour 25.
–posted by Fuchsin

Dearest Myrmidon and Mayragul, and all the HeroesX community,
Thank you so much for creating a place our Discussion Board for getting to know all of you. This year has been magical for me - first participating in HeroesX in the spring, and then having a second go now in the fall. I've had an interest in the classics for a long time, and this project has been such a rich experience on many levels.
Some of my favorite moments have been reading the café posts, the discussions of Homeric epics, and the galleries of images. I loved the interviews in Hour 20 with Douglas Frame and Olga Levaniouk. The recitations of the sonnet from The Gift by Natasha Bershadsky in Hour 13 and of the Hymn to Dionysus by Kevin McGrath in Hour 24 are not to be missed.
As for a favorite passage, I will pick Sappho:
My tongue has a breakdown and a delicate 
– all of a sudden – fire rushes under my skin. 
With my eyes I see not a thing, and there is a roar 
my ears make. 
Sweat pours down me and a trembling 
seizes all of me; paler than grass 
am I, and a little short of death 
do I [phainomai] appear to me.
Because of my journey with this project, my 4-year-old son now excitedly asks me to read pages from a children's version of the Odyssey, which he calls "the Greek book," each night before bed. His own theōriā is just beginning.
Best wishes, 
moriartyjanet [NOTE FROM CF: moriartyjanet is 80 years old]
Dear Myrmidon and Mayragul...a million thanks to you for this wonderful Friday Cafe...Every day I look forward to all the interesting comments and discussions of the Heroes. I'm hoping that the Cafe will be open forever...It gives me so much pleasure to be a part of such a diverse group of people who are so bright and so willing to share their knowledge and good cheer. Thanks to all. jubilacionj
Hi everyone, For the 1st timers, congratulations on completing your 1st telos. For the 2nd timers, congratulations also, and let us continue.
I have learned a lot in this course, not just Homeric poetry but many visual treasures posted from other participants, and world literature. Posting of theatre production and movies were also wonderful, and enriched this course multi-folds. We talk about our favorite books, about music, about art that touched us in very deep meaningful way. Private photos added to the sense of closeness, and I appreciated them.
I would like to thank you all for this wonderful journey.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone.
Hello everyone:
I wish you all Merry Christmas. I'm looking forward to hour 25. I've enjoyed immensely all the course.
I have found myself drawn to the Homeric Hymn to Dionysus. I keep playing the images in my head. I love absolutely everything about it. Is it weird?
Hi All, Here's wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year. It has been a couple of very intense reading and knowledge practice weeks since the course started with Prof. Nagy and the team of HeroesX. I have enjoyed every minute of the discussions circles and the assessments...they fulfilled a need to show off in some sense, if I may be frank and a challenge to know that I'm still thinking on the toes of creative reasoning. I'm looking forward to Hour 25 and to some more fruitful discussions with my cohorts.
dear all, This year will go down in memory as the year of edX' s league of extraordinary learners supervised by extraordinary teachers.I have enjoyed every Hour -except the one with Hesiod- and every conversation, idea, help, encouragement I received from you. Till the stroke of midnight, as Myrmidon said, I wish you a jolly holiday season.
HeroesX (CB22.1x) has been a transformational learning adventure I will always remember, treasure, and honor in my studies and my life. Thank you, Professor Nagy, Claudia, Lenny, and everyone! 
Sincerely and gratefully to all with all best wishes, Jack

I am spending Christmas with family so I have been thinking about how we connect with our shared stories, and with our own traditions.
I have been reflecting on how much I have been learning over the past year in company with so many interesting and lovely people. Just over a week ago I had a dream with Menelaos, and Helen, and a whole bunch of others lined up behind them — I felt as if they were encouraging us all.
my native language is spanish. so be kind with my errors, please. i enjoyed the course and i'm waiting for more in advance. thanks to all the staff


I enjoyed the Ancient Greek Heroes course, and If I did it over again,the first thing I would do differently, is not tell my friends about The Certificate! It seems the hours got more difficult as soon as they told me they want to see the Certificate! I did pass, but the heat was on! One other thing,I was under the impression that we would receive this in the mail,hearing that you print it out yourself took away a little of The luster! Finished last week! Enjoyed the challenge as a 67 year old Machinist who went to Boston Trade High School! Ron



I just wanted to pop in and say hello!
I have been enrolled in HerosX since the start of this "semester" but unfortunately have had little time to dedicate towards this cource however, I just went on a "HerosX binge" for the last 2 days or so and I want to say that this is a great course!
I wish I had more time here! Just want to express my appreciation as I am a huge fan of both the Iliad and the Odyssey. I love reading the boards and the format of the discussion videos I found very enjoyable. I hope this is offered again as I only reached 51% on the progression. I think it will be unlikely that I get to complete it this time around with it closing tomorrow.
Thanks for all your work with this course and I look forward to more in the future.
Wish you all a Happy New Year and much success with this project!

To share one final thought on hour 24, please note that these are my personal thoughts and in no way or form should anyone be offended please know it is not meant to be so. As I was reading Plato’s Phaedo I found myself thinking back on the many times I had asked myself if my soul was eternal if it was me or my body, If when I died did it die with me? Would I still be aware of things? Or would I be awake in a black hole or deep sleep. I sat in awe while reading it, imagine that! Socrates argument is alive within me. Just like I’m sure it’s alive in many of us. As a child growing up in a very religious upbringing I was terrified of dying and yes going to hell for taking that candy. The fear that I would never be able to live up to the standards that would save my soul and grant me eternal life would keep me awake at night. Yes I know overly dramatic but I’ve always been a quiet and pensive person even at that age. 
Those thoughts and arguments have been raging on my mind throughout my life even leading me to study different religions, searching for answers. Did my soul live in another lifetime? Is this all we get, just one chance? Is my intuition in this lifetime in essence a lesson learned on a previous lifetime? I still continue to study and search for those answers, but how sweet it was to end this course on that note.

Dear All,
My heart is in my throat as I read the note from Claudia. This experience has been life-changing for me. I also have enjoyed everyone's e-mails and notes.
Count on me for sure to be in whatever you all do.
Happy Holidays from Texas, Elva
• Dear Claudia,
Yes, definitely it is a very interesting course. Professor Nagy is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable teacher who always maintains a point of surprise. I would like to take the course again. Could you let us know when it will start again. I had to interrupt it sadly and would love to take it again.
congratulations for all the effort and generosity in providing time and experience.
Have a lovely end of 2013
Report Misuse
–posted 5 days ago by AnneSmile



This project on Ancient Greek Hero is really our possibility to accurately arrange our old and new knowledge in this respect, the newest scientific discoveries and the oldest literature treasures, to see in the broader light and understand the value and beauty of the artifacts, of the life in Ancient world and its direct or implicative significance for our own world.
The language of the project being restricted to that of open-friendly sharing and the developing of the ability to discuss by means of sharing links and references, images and the participants's own keen observations, including both those highly professional, from people who have been studied the material for life, and also from just bold or witty participants, who were humorous and cute, always encouraged and supported by the staff, unlike some other MOOCs, ensured the deeper insight into the original sources and our ability to study more and more.
I can see now, that the difficulties of the first iteration are rewarded in the next proceedings, whichever or whatever they are.
Not only my bookshelf became weightier (the thickness of The Ancient Greek Hero, hard copy is 2 inches), the Iliad both in Ancient Greek and in contemporary Greek (even bigger and weightier), the Odyssey two editions, the Euripidus (whole), Sappho from Loeb Classical Library edition, both in Ancient Greek and English, but the indirect effect is in the better understanding of of dike, life, death, performance, decision making (how to choose the Green-X in life!), and in any case, in changing by all means menis to love! And this is changing life to the better.
Thanks and love to all, Yuri, St. Petersburg

Claudia, Thanks to you and the Team for your efforts in maintaining H24H. What started as something of a lark evolved into a minor obsession due in large part to the community the project brought together and the discussion board. I look forward to Hour 25 and continuing the journey.
David, Los Angeles
Dear Claudia,
Thank you so much for this beautiful journey! It was an amazing experience and i really feel lucky to participate in such a project. I have completed the course some days before but still can't stop thinking about all these interesting concepts! Because of my studies in medicine it wasn't possible for me to take part on your discussions but you really gave me hope that i could stay close to HeroesX team and follow you in your future adventures! Thank you once again! :D
All the best from Greece, Dimitrios Peichamperis
Dear Claudia,
I would like to thank Professor Gregory Nagy and the whole team again for the beautiful initiation into the world of ancient Greek heroes by making all the words come back to life again. I have just completed the course and after coming full circle, I believe when I embark on the journey again I will have deeper understanding and connection, not only with the ancient world but with you all too.
This is such a beautiful and enriching experience and may the course that shines so bright has the imperishable glory.
Thank you very much and all the best.
With gratitude, Chew Hiu Wah, Malaysia

Thank you for this wonderful course! I haven't been able to keep up with the rest, but have really enjoyed it and I will continue reading when time permits. Will there be a new course in the near future? All the best, Joanne
Dear Claudia I would like to thank Professor Nagy, you and all your team for the wonderful experience that you offered us through this course. I completed it today, by achieving an 82%. To tell you the truth I didn't think I could finish in time, because I started it towards the end of October, but I made it and I am very happy for it. Through this course I saw aspects of the ancient Greek literature that were new to me, although by being Greek I was taught the Iliad and the Odyssey and many of the other texts at school. Your approach was completely different from the "school" approach and I really enjoyd the new kwowledge and everything your course offered me. I hope that maybe there will be a sequel to this course in the future. I can't wait for the Hour 25. Thank you again from the depths of my heart and I wish to you all a happy, health and prosperous new year. With graditute Helena from Preveza, Greece.
• Zhengwen
Thank you very much.Happy New Year.

Dear Claudia, I would like to express my gratitute to you, Prof. Nagy and the staff. I have never attended a course so amazing, interesting, enjoyable, exating, surprising in my life!!!!! This course has renewed my interest for Ancient Greek and it has given me a new point of view about this topic. I so happy this project will continue with hour 25 and with another course.
Happy New Year
daniela (by Italy)

Dear Professor Nagy,
Both as a student and as a "TA" I have benefited from this project more than you can imagine; you have put meaning back into my life. Ultimately, I can only say thank you - words fail me - and promise that what you have shown me will be for the rest of my days a part of my daily teaching, research, and practice.
Thanks you,
• ocospina
Thank you for this beautiful course. It brought to my life not only an intellectual new challenge, but it opened new and amazing new doors. Looking forward Hour 25 and a whole life exploring and learning this Greek tradition so rich in humanitarian messages.

Dear Prof Nagy and team
Thank you for such an incredible course full of insights,beauty and majesty of thoughts.The course made me feel I was witnessing the history and drama of Greeks first-hand and learning from it.
Wish you the best for the future.
Best Regards,
Dear Prof. Nagy, Prof. Muellner, Claudia and all the HeroesX community,
Thank you all for yet another beautiful leg of our journey. I am so happy to be one of the fellow learners. Humanness of this project ties us all, we come from different parts of the world with many different backgrounds yet like music brings people together, this project unites us and reminds us our humanity as a whole and as individuals.
Please make a safe turn to 2014 and come to Hour 25 right after. And, yes, let's not forget the rooster!
With deep gratitude and love
Janet Mayragul Ozsolak
about 2 hours ago
Dear Prof Nagy and HeroesX Team,
Thank you for a course that took/demanded so little of us but gave such a lot in the form of community friendship, not to mention the upliftment of outlook towards life. I'm glad I took the course and getting an insider's feeling about the knowledge imparted by the course and language skills imbibed through reading greek lexicon that were sometimes unfamiliar and sometimes familiar; but above all, I'll cherish the time passed in going through the carefully nurtured thoughts and deeply insightful research of Prof. Nagy. I hope to carry on with the study in the proposed Romantic Hero or any third version of the Ancient Greek Hero.
Happy New Year 2014 to everyone!

Zhengwen, with each iteration of the beautiful project of professor Nagy it becomes more and more clear, that the gap between Mycenae and Greek cultures is filled not only by the "thread" implemented by Homer. There is more and more light that comes to us from the "dark ages". And this is multicultural light.
Hope to "meet" you again.
Happy New Year 2014 to all!