Teaching China Humanities Online: A Harvard Graduate Student’s Experience

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To create an online course was a new challenge for me. On the one hand, I had more flexibility to design different activities and bring in diverse materials than a traditional classroom. On the other hand, I had to figure out the most effective way of conveying a learning objective to an audience with varied backgrounds. —Ted Hui, Ph.D. candidate in Harvard’s Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations

Creating an online course is a complex and deeply satisfying endeavor. That's what Ted Hui discovered as he worked with Harvard University faculty and the HarvardX course team to create “China Humanities: The Individual in Chinese Culture.” Read Hui's full account in the Fairbank Center blog.

China Humanities: The Individual in Chinese Culture introduces some of the greatest works of literature, philosophy, and art through a common theme: the individual and self in Chinese culture. Participants will discuss the theories of early Chinese thinkers like Confucius and Zhuangzi, explore the poetry of writers like Tao Yuanming and Du Fu, read from novels such as the Dream of the Red Chamber, and learn how to see painting and calligraphy – all with a particular focus on how these works have shaped Chinese culture as we know it today. 

Enrollment is free and open from October 31, 2017 to March 1, 2018.