#WorldMalariaDay: MalariaX Course Explores Ways to Eliminate Malaria

Hand hitting mosquito with hammer that has a pill-bottle head

Did you know that nearly half of the world's population is at risk of malaria? In recognition of World Malaria Day, HarvardX is excited to announce the launch of MalariaX: Defeating Malaria from the Genes to the Globe, a new online course that explores cutting-edge science and technology, and examines policies needed to control and eliminate malaria.

Taught by faculty from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, ‘MalariaX’ is designed for those interested in gaining the technical expertise and leadership skills needed to work in global health and malaria programs around the world.

Participants in the 8-module, self-paced course will learn:

  • The biology of the malaria parasite, the mosquito vector, and the human host
  • The challenges of eradicating malaria in complex ecosystems
  • Scientific and technological approaches for malaria control and elimination
  • Historical, political, social, and economic contexts of malaria control, elimination, and eradication efforts
  • How health systems effectively monitor and respond to malaria

‘MalariaX’ launches on May 31 and is open to all. To enroll, visit: MalariaX: Defeating Malaria from the Genes to the Globe

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