HarvardX Insights

World Map of Enrollment

HarvardX Insights is a collection of interactive visualizations of learner data which dynamically update at frequent, regular intervals. 

1. World map of registrants and participants 

World Map of Enrollment

2. World map of certificate attainment

World Map of Certificate Attainment

3. Gender composition

Gender Composition

4. World map of gender composition

World Map of Gender Composition

5. Education levels composition

Education Levels Composition

6. World map of education composition

World Map of Education Composition

7. Age composition

Age Composition

8. World map of age composition

World Map of Age Composition

MITx Insights provide data on open online offerings from MIT.

Sergiy Nesterko, Konstantin Kashin, Justin Reich, Daniel Seaton, Quiyi Han, Isaac Chuang, James Waldo, and Andrew Ho