World Map of Education Composition

Suggested citation: Nesterko, S. O., Seaton, D. T., Kashin, K., Han, Q., Reich, J., Waldo, J., Chuang I., & Ho, A. D. (2014). World Map of Education Composition (HarvardX Insights).

The map above shows  estimated proportions of enrollees with Bachelors degrees and above from each country for all HarvardX offerings.

  • Total course registration as well as the estimated percentage of  enrollees with a Bachelors degree and above are listed in the bottom left.
  • Mouse-pointing (or tapping) at a country will reveal the estimated education level composition of registrants from that country as well as the number the calculation is based on.
  • A technical document that describes data collection procedures, known limitations, and links to source code and data is available here.

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