World Map of Enrollment

Suggested citation: Nesterko, S. O., Seaton, D. T., Kashin, K., Han, Q., Reich, J., Waldo, J., Chuang I., & Ho, A. D. (2014). World Map of Enrollment (HarvardX Insights).

The map above shows estimated enrollment numbers from each country for all HarvardX offerings.

  • Total course registration is listed in the bottom left. Mouse-pointing (or tapping) at a country will reveal the estimated number of registrants from that country.
  • A technical document that describes data collection procedures, known limitations, and links to source code and data is available here.
  • Sergiy Nesterko, a HarvardX research fellow who designed the visualization, provides additional commentary in a blog post.

Note: Registration in an open online course does not necessarily indicate a commitment to either participate in or complete the course (see below).  The visualizations above do not control for the population size or internet saturation of countries.  The HarvardX Research team intends for future interactive visualizations to include more nuanced descriptions of student participation and learning in our open online learning environments.

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