HarvardX for Allston
HarvardX for Allston is a new educational initiative which brings HarvardX content and courses to the greater Boston community by offering programs that integrate the latest in virtual education technologies with opportunities for in-person interactions and discussion.  HarvardX for Allston is part of the University’s community benefits program for the Allston-Brighton community in association with the institutional master plan for Harvard’s campus development in Allston. The program is being developed under the leadership of Robert A. Lue, faculty director for HarvardX and faculty director of the Ed Portal.

Enriched Learning Experiences
Professor Lue sees the potential for the program to serve as an “on-ramp” for individuals new to the knowledge economy and as an opportunity for community members to explore deep content from across Harvard’s schools, and engage with faculty and students.

HarvardX for Allston aims to enrich learning experiences and workforce development opportunities for Allston-Brighton residents.

HarvardX for Alumni
An experimental collaboration between The Harvard Alumni Association and HarvardX  HAA1x: HarvardX for Alumni was a free online learning experience designed exclusively for Harvard alumni. Run March 22 through June 27, 2014, the program surveyed the intellectual riches of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, exploring the theme of "Explorations in Learning." 

Content Outline

HarvardX Hybrid
Information to come...

Development of Learning Tools & Technologies
Expanding the reach of teaching also expands access to other campus resources, such as library and museum collections. The use of 3D digital technologies to allow learners to virtually manipulate Chinese artifacts and maps; the ability to annotate The Book of Hours, digitally; the chance to get down to the pigment level of the original poems written by Emily Dickinson – these are just a few of the ways that faculty have surfaced the collections at Harvard. 

With the Mirador Viewer, users can page through and view at multiple levels of magnification digital objects from any repository that adheres to the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF). In this way, Harvard Library and Museum digital objects are made available to learners for guided tours and study. 

The use of the IIIF standard means that users of Mirador can bring together objects held in any of the IIIF repositories (see full list below), allowing for examination, comparison and other analysis in a seamless and user-friendly fashion.

In the current digital paradigm for research, teaching, and learning, there is an enormous and growing need to create, search, and discover relevant digital resources. Scholarly annotations and citations have the potential to form a seamless web of access to related resources, scholarship, researchers, and objects for learning and study.

With academic work across all disciplines now requiring detailed engagement with all forms of media (including images, video, and audio), interoperable annotation tools for easily citing, searching, discovering, and cross-referencing relevant resources is paramount in building a pillar of collective knowledge. For the past year, HarvardX, in collaboration with many other organizations at Harvard, has been working on an online and campus-wide initiative to develop a federated framework for multi-media annotations. 

Related Collaborations 

Faculty Academy (with the Bok Center)
The Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning sponsored a program called the Faculty Academy to enable full-time Harvard faculty to get hands-on assistance with some of the techniques and concepts used in online learning experiences (such as those created through HarvardX) and in blended or flipped classrooms. 

Topics covered (see below) included: Video & visual teaching; online comprehension & assessment; and blended learning. Stay tuned for future sessions.

Harvard-MIT Online Learning Summit
On April 7 and 8, 2015, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University hosted a summit about online learning and its role in shaping the future of higher education.

At this invitation-only event for institutional senior officers and academic leaders in online education, we focused on the opportunities and challenges arising during this exciting time of change to the established models of higher education. The summit comprised a mix of plenary sessions and break-out groups, with facilitated conversations to generate key questions for senior leaders to take back to campus.