9: SW12x: ChinaX

The first iteration of ChinaX, a ten­ part Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the history of China, produced by HarvardX and delivered on the edX platform, concluded after 18 months. This ambitious educational endeavor, engaging over 50,000 learners worldwide, provides an opportunity to reflect and think about lessons learned in the creation of and participation in ChinaX from the perspective of the learner. Through a mixed method study that combined a qualitative analysis of semi­-structured interviews with learners, surveys and clickstream data, we aimed to form a holistic understanding of who the ChinaX learners are, what motivated them to take the course, how they went through the course, what engaged them during the course, and the impact the course had on their lives. In this report we are presenting preliminary results.
chinax_course_report.pdf1.96 MB